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<The Last Witch>


[ How to Play ]


*********[ Instructions ] :

1p(Betty) move:WASD

Yell for enemis attention:G (Charm Skills(Disarming Voice))

2p(Claire) move:up/down/left/right-arrow

Yell for enemis attention:G (Charm Skills(Disarming Voice))

' F '/' L' Keys can shoot Fireball

and these methods will change when you be a monster,you can try it when it coming

********[ Gameplay ]:

You need to get long enough.

You are so weak and Have only One life, the death of any one of you (1p/2p) will cause game over.

the magician's circle have 6 nodes: stand on it when activate 6-kinds differents magic-phenomenon, just need waiting a little while

their contains(clockwise):

-Spikerock active



-enemies'freeze (change your fire ball to the freeze ball )

-random'fireball (inhence the number of your fireballs )

-random'boomer (build a boomer in map,also can attractive enemy's attention)

you need use these ancient magical-symbol to protect your partner and reply to the enemy fire

when six nodes all be Activation,

in the middle of the map the super magical-water-bottle ----our Ultimate weapon will appear at here

Just Drink it ! and you'll feel great



our game <the last witch> have some new updating

in this version , we take a important change to our Hero(Betty and claire)

that they can shoot fireballs to fighting with these mob

We found we have got some new feelings with great gameplay in it

It may expand our gameplay and let this game more Strategy and full of rhythm-sensation!

these new-features was conncted with old version today..

a new version is coming

Thankyou so much for your Play

hope get some Feedback from you

All the best wishes for you !

2015 8 30

BunkerStudio @banana(小黄人-team


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